Analog scans // UK

5:58 AM

While I was living in UK I used to always carry with me a small analog camera. This was a way that I found to keep taking pictures even if I was busy with my everyday routine or just going to grocery shopping. ( And also because analog films are so cheap in UK and I wanted to take advantage of this ! )
And this way I created an analog diary from this past year - This is just the first part.
This pictures make me a bit nostalgic and homesick about UK.... the green gardens and foggy skies, the graveyard just across my street, the weekend breaks ... everything looks so familiar yet so far away in time right now.

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2 comentários

  1. Fotografias mais do que bonitas, estou encantada.

    My Own Anatomy ♡

  2. Some of them look like Cambridge? Who needs filters you got the rea deal. Love it!