Exploring // #Threeexplorersinitaly part I

11:39 AM

I know, It's not Summer anymore and 4 months had passed since I came back from Italy... But just now - curled up in a blanket while is pouring rain outside - I'm looking at my Summer pictures for the first time ever.

This Summer was all a big crazy adventure - First I decided to quit my job and spend 20 days traveling around Italy by train with two friends, just because ...
(I'm not as crazy as this may sound .... I promise!)

Then I left England behind and moved back to Portugal, to a new house and found a new job. But that's another story .... now let's talk about Italy, shall we? 

We started in Milan where we stayed only for one day. There is nothing special to say about Milan actually, I didn't like the city that much. Yes the Duomo is beautiful but that's pretty much it.

Next day we headed to "Cinque Terre", the plan was to do some hiking between the 5 towns and spend some quality time on the beach (I was really looking forward for this part of the trip!).
We started the hiking from "Levanto" to "Monterosso"and it was the worst idea - It was a 10 km hiking through a old donkey trail up to the mountains, we took around 4h and it was almost 40ºC that day - We almost killed ourselves. When I arrived to "Monterosso" I was too tired to be bothered with taking nice pictures. Plus it was so full of tourists (all the five towns!) and I got a bit disappointed with that as well. But is a really magical place and I should have taken more pictures !

Next was Genova ... but that's coming in another post!

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  1. uau que fotos giras, dá uma vontade enorme vontade de partir já para Itália!!

    Ester - Drawing Dreaming