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12:45 PM

This month I spent 2 days in Berlin visiting a good friend of mine that is living in this amazing city at the moment (which sounded like the perfect excuse to go back there). I was in Berlin two years ago, but this time, having a local friend to show me around, it was a whole new experience. 
On the first day Teresa took me to a local market on a Turkish Quarter where we could shop for some really cheap goodies and have a little picnic by the canal. After that we head to the East Side Gallery (because I just couldn't go back to Berlin without a little stroll along this amazing touristic gem) and we spent a nice evening walking around the city center at night and discovering some cool hypster bars. 
In the second day we went to the Spree Park, I was really excited to enter but the security was really strict and it was almost impossible to break in. To console my broken heart Teresa took me to an abandoned hospital full of cool graffiti inside! In the afternoon we stoped by the Tempelhofen Park and we had a Club - Mate while getting some sunbathing (like a proper berliner). We had dinner at the Vietnamese and the ended the night at the klunkerkranich,a roof top bar on the top of a shopping center. 
This city surprised me once again. Full of art and culture, so relaxed and fascinating!

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4 comentários

  1. Estas fotografias estão simplesmente fantásticas. Adorei-as :)
    Eu gostava imenso de ir a Berlim, ou basicamente (quase) qualquer cidade na Alemanha. Já consegui ir a Köln mas 24h soube-me a muito pouco.

  2. Que fotos maravilhosas! Fiquei cheia de vontade de ir a Berlim! 😊

    Joan of July

  3. Really nice pictures, I would really like to visit Berlin