1950's ("vintage" project)

5:23 AM

The 1950s moved Britain from the austerity of the 1940s to the prosperity of the 1960s. Fashion history would never be the same again after the 1950s when teenagers became an emerging fashion voice. A new consumer driven society was born. The fashionable age of being between thirty and forty at the start of 1950 was soon knocked off its pedestal before the end of the decade, by the arrival of the teenage cult with its own development of style and spending. Until then, 18 year old girls often dressed and made themselves up to look as old as their mothers.

Mais um post sobre o meu projecto "Vintage", desta vez apresento uma das minha décadas favoritas... os anos 50! Espero que gostem ...
Peço mais uma vez desculpa pela minha ausência por estes lados mas tenho tido uns dias bastante ocupados, o estagio tira-me quase o tempo todo. Espero voltar ao activo em breve ;)

Model: Ana Morais
Production & Photography: me
Hair & Make up: me
Location: The Fifties (Lisbon)
Outfit1: Shorts: vintage; Bandana: vintage; Blouse & Shoes (I don't know)
Outfit2: Dress: Asos; Socks: H&M; Shoes: Primark

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3 comentários

  1. A.D.O.R.O.!
    OS 50's sao das minhas épocas preferidas e tu caracterizaste-os muito bem! Adoro os looks e os settings :)

  2. She makes a wonderful pin up! The shorts are simply dreamy!