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3:29 AM

I noticed that I rarely show my photography works here in my blog and I want to change that :) Today I will show you a recent photoshoot that I did with an hand of a Make Up Artist. Hope you like! ...
You can always check my flickr where I have more works published... but despite spending my time taking pictures I don't have many works published on the internet... maybe because I'm too perfectioninst and most of the times I don't like my works and I think I could have done better...

Model: Ana Morais
MUA: Vanessa Vilar

Very soon I'll show you my Final Project, A Vintage Fashion editorial :) But for now It's still top secret!...

p.s. If any of you would like to work with me like a Model or a Make Up Artist please feel free to email me! You don't need to be a professional because I am not... is just for fun ;)

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7 comentários

  1. As fotos estão realmente lindas. =)
    Vou passar pelo flickr e adicionar-te-

  2. Oops,parece que já tinha adicionado.^^

  3. A segunda foto está fantástica, mas todas estão hehe.
    Quero mesmo ver o editorial de vintage fashion que falas!

  4. It's gorgeous Rita, I especially adore the first photo... the way the fabric and her make-up sort of blend.

  5. Qualquer coisa que precisares é só avisar, estou sempre disponível desde que avises antecipadamente, c:

    Lots of Love,

  6. these photos are FANTASTIC! love them!