Sales!! - Round 1

3:35 PM

♥ Jumper - H&M
♥ Red Beret - Stradivarius
♥ Boots - Zara
♥ Eye Shadow Palette - H&M
♥ Grey Nail Polish - H&M

My first purchases in sales!!
This Jumper from H&M for 15€ ... stripes are never too much, right?
I had my eyes on this boots for sooo long and they got into my hands
accidentally in the middle of Zara, in my size and half price!! I just had to bring them home with me ...
Cute cute red beret from Stradivarius for 5€.
And make up... are a girl best friend!!

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3 comentários

  1. AHh compraste umas botas iguais as minhas! :P eu encontrei um brogues beje na Zara por 15€ (que custavam tanto como as minhas botas!), também tinha de os trazer ;)

  2. love stripes...can't go wrong with stripes!