Received an Award...

4:41 PM

The Lovely Gabbi passed me an award!
And it involved questions...

Question one: why did you create the blog?
I always liked to have my little space on the Internet! This blog was born for a need to share my world, my thoughts, my interests… I’m a very shy person, and I don’t have many friends who share the same interests with me (in fashion,photography, movies, music…)
Blogging is an easy and funny way to share my thoughts and find strangers all over the world with the same interests than me.

Two: what kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow blogs about Fashion, Photography, Cooking, Make up...
Beautiful pictures and a creative and interesting writing are a good starting point to keep me interested.

Three: favourite makeup brand?
As a poor student I only buy very cheap make up, like H&M and Essence... :X But if I could I would love to buy some MAC!

Four: favourite clothing brand?
At this moment I love Orla Kiely and Family Affairs creations.

Five: your indispensable makeup product?
Eyeliner…I can’t leave home without some eyeliner.

Six: your favourite colour?

Seven: your perfume?
Magnetism by Escada and Fantasy by Britney Spears… I love sweet and fruity smells.

Eight: your favourite film?
Thought question… I think I don’t have one favourite film. I love films about love...but only about real life love stories not fairy tales. I also like intelligent scary movies and classic movies, I love classics they are so charming!
Some films I like: (500) Days of Summer, Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain, Lolita, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Psycho….

Nine: what country would you like to visit and why?
Just one!? Well… I would love to visit United States, I think is so different from Europe and so full of life… I see it every day on movies and pictures, And I think I just would like to see it with my eyes!
And also Italy because I love their food and it’s full of art!

Ten: make the last question and answer to yourself:
Define yourself in one word:

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4 comentários

  1. não pude deixar de comentar: deste as mesmas respostas que eu daria: EUA, Sonhadora, perfumes adocicados com cheirinho a fruta...até os filmes :)
    adorei :)

  2. I like your blog,follow you.
    follow back? :))

  3. muito obrigada querida! por ambos :D

    PS: gostei de ler as respostas, sou uma cusca haha!

  4. Wonderful learning more about you dear Rita! Wishing you a great new week dear... ♥