Dear Santa...

5:41 PM

Christmas break... it's finally here!
I've been soo busy last weeks... I'm working on my final photography project (for school), a Vintage Fashion Editorial! I can't wait to show you guys, but there's still much to do...
Anyway, I hope isn't late for my Christmas whislist! :)

" Dear Santa, I've been a really good girl this year, so please please can you get me any of this:

1. A new camera Nikon D7000 and a Apple Notebook ( If you bring be any of these I don't ask anything else - are both working tools santa... please think about it :) )

2. A new bag big enough to carry my camera everywhere!

3. Winter Coats (are always welcome :D)

4. Warm, confy dresses

5. A Turn Table (I want one for soo long...)

6. Cute stuff for my appartment

Please be kind to me Santa ♥ "

p.s. I created a new inspiration blog - Follow me :)

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1 comentários

  1. o meu gira discos é o velho do meu pai! talvez os teus pais também tenham um escondido algures! ^^

    e a tua lista é basicamente a minha haha mas eu nao sou esquisita quanto à maquina fotografica, porque sou um zero a esquerda^^

    espero que o pai natal seja generoso! feliz natal :D