A Outra Face da Lua

3:57 AM

Last week I had some photo-report works to do for school and I took the cue to go to my favorite vintage shop and take some pictures to share with my followers.

For all who don't know this shop yet, "A Outra Face da Lua" is the best and the bigger vintage shop in Lisbon, beyond selling clothes and accessories also rent and sew clothes, sells Vintage wallpaper and have a cute tearoom inside the shop.
It's a great place to find vintage treasures. To all my followers that live nearby I recommend a visit! Although most of you won't be able to visit, but at least you've got some pretty pictures out of it ...!

P.S. Guess what!
I have an invitation for Lisbon Fashion week, next thursday :D
I'm really excited, I promise lots of photos!!

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1 comentários

  1. Oh uau adorava visitar a loja, deve ser fantástica.
    E parabéns pelo convite!!!! Espero que te divirtas e espero pelas fotos.