Lisbon Fashion Week: What I Wore

3:58 PM

Dress - Zara
Tigths - Calzedonia
Brogues - eBay

Is nothing glamorous but is very me! :)
I wore my new favorite dress from Zara - I love the color and is really comfy to wear.
I'm sure you've seen it in many other bloggers - Like the lovely Carrie from WishWishWish who styled it with a beautiful yellow coat, Annie from Time Enough For Drums who also styled it beautifully with a hat, clogs and yellow ribbon and Raquel from ChloeMarieAntoinete with over knees, a cardigan and loafers !
I just can't wait to buy some over knees and a cute ribbon to wear with it...!

Have a great week ♥

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6 comentários

  1. Gosto muito do vestido Rita :)
    Tu foste à Moda Lisboa por convite? É que ouvi dizer que é a única maneira de entrar... Eu queria tanto ter idoooo :o
    Sortudaaaa :P

  2. Oh, eu acho o vestido bem giro.
    Andar glamorosa para mim, não é toda XPTO, mas bem vestida e confortável. ^^
    Meias pelo joelho vão ser a sensação. Aposta numas sim ^^

    Adicionei-te (vi-te no blog da Chloe)

  3. Such a pretty dress! I nearly bought it in Zara the other week but it didn't fit me quite right - it looks way better on you!

  4. :D Adorei ver o vestido com as collants brancas :))


  5. aw adoro esse vestido, gostava de o comprar, mas em azul! :)

  6. I love this dress. It's so pretty. I don't get to shop at Zara often as there isn't one close by. I totally buy this dress if I could :)