Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

12:18 PM

Remember when I said I had a school work about the 70's? On friday (the day of the presentation) me and my class group decided to go dressed inspired on 70's. Despite not being my favourite decade I made an efford, and that's what I wore ...
(p.s. Behind me you can see the beginning of my photo wall *.*)
♥ Shirt - vintage
♥ Jeans - Pull&Bear
♥ Shoes - ASOS
♥ Braind - DIY

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2 comentários

  1. Ah adoro essa musica! É linda.
    Acho que fizeste um bom trabalho com o outfit, está muito giro. Adoro os sapatos.


  2. Quem me dera ter jeito para DYS's. tá linda a fitinha