Ask me anything!

5:30 AM

I noticed that I don't usualy write much about me on my blog, so I decided to make an "Ask me Anything" post so that my followers can ask me questions and get to know a little more about the girl behind the "Valium and Cherry Winne"!
Just comment this post and leave your questions ... Next week I will make a post with all the answers :)

Have fun! ♥

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3 comentários

  1. -Estás em que Universidade? A tirar o quê?
    -Cidade de sonho?
    -Comida favorita?
    -Peça de roupa favorita?
    -Loja favorita em Portugal? e no Mundo?
    -Designer de Alta Costura favorito?
    -Vives sozinha?

    bem acho que já é bom, para começar :D


  2. Gorgeous photo and wonderful idea Rita! So tell me, are you an only child or do you have any brother's and sisters? Also, who or what first inspired you to begin blogging?

  3. - If you could choose, which decade would you live in?
    - Have you always had a flair for fashion?
    - What are some of your favourite books or films?

    I love your blog <3