12:47 PM

As Autumn is coming I need some new shoes for the cold weather, so I fond some lovely brogues on ASOS ! The problem is to choose... I'm soo undecided:

I love the Black ones with tweed detail but I already have a Black pair, so... I can't decide between the wooven ones or the two tone...

Any help?♥

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2 comentários

  1. Também quero comprar uns assim, mas mais discretos e simples :}
    Como os que há na Zara e assim. Mas gosto muito daqueles que puseste os corações :D

  2. I would say the two tone ones! I love brogues, but everyone has them right now, so it's always cool when that happens to go for a pair which are a little unusual! My best friend has those ones too, and they look really good :)