Lomo experiences I

2:12 PM

In the begining of this summer I bought this beautiful waterprof lomo camera on Ebay (for only 10£!!)

And I've been snapping with my little toy all over the summer. Last week I scaned my first film and here's some results - I'm completely in love with this old grainy look!

My friend Catarina bought the lomo 4 lens (wich is also really funny) and we took some snaps while she was visiting me here in Évora:

I already have another film to scan (from my old friend Holga) so I'll make another "Lomo expeciences" post very soon! :)


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7 comentários

  1. Adoro o teu blog :)
    Tiras fotos tão giras! Adoro essas debaixo de àgua. Oh, e também adoro os posts com outfits, gosto muito do teu estilo *-*
    Estou a seguir :}

  2. Rita, your photos are gorgeous! I love the underwater one of you and the one of you and the last one of you and your friends especially!

  3. SO cool! I've wnated to buy an underwater camera for a while now, they seem like such a lot of fun! What a bargain too for only £10, good spot :) the beachy photos look beautiful, and very retro - perfect!

  4. I love those photos! I want an underwater camera but I can't swim. Sad times. :(

    Placebo inspired blog name? I like, I like.

  5. Olá Rita, como vai?
    Primeiro quero agradecer sua visita no meu blog, adorei e fico muito feliz que tenha gostado das minhas criações! obrigada :)
    Volte sempre que quiser, ok?
    Vou seguir seu blog tbm para acompanhar seus post! :D
    beijos :*

  6. This is just so cool! I've long wanted to get a Lomo - what ever am I waiting for????

  7. great photos! i have the LOMO four lens also, it's brilliant!