11.09.2010 Outfit

1:57 PM

Blouse - Pull&Bear
Shorts - Stradivarius
Shoes - Stradivarius

Just a simple and ordinary outfit post to show you my new favourite peter pan collar blouse!
I'm so sorry for the boring backgroud of my messy room again... Tomorrow I will move again for Lisbon (because I'm back to school) and this time for a new apartment, where I will try to find new locations for my outfit posts :D

Well... As I'm planning to became a more active blogger this year , I need some help from you guys.... what would you like to see more on Valium and Cherry Winne Blog?
more outfit posts, fashion tips/inspirations, photoshoots, photography inspirations, arts and crafts, movie reviews, giveways ... something new?
I would love to invite all my followers to give their opinions and sugestions. :)

Have a lovely weekend ♥

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6 comentários

  1. Adoro a blusinha :}
    Quanto às novidades no blog, faz giveaways (se já fazes, faz mais :b); faz por exemplo posts sobre pessoas que têm um estilo que admiras ou assim, fala mais sobre ti ou faz posts com respostas às perguntas que fazemos :}


  2. I LOVE the shirt! So adorable. And also, so gutted that I can't get a Pull & Bear fix in the UK - spent some time on their website a little while ago, soo wish I could pop in a store over here!

    You are looking very lovely!

  3. Lovely blouse and outfit Rita! I love your brown oxfords and the pull and bear fabric print is very cute. Can't wait to see photos of your new apt. in Lisbon!

  4. que look tão fofo! adoro a t-shirt e os sapatos! <3
    tem um bom regresso as aulas.

  5. I love the Peter Pan collar. I'm trying to collect as many as this season offers while it lasts!

    A from A + B in the Sea