Your Call

4:02 PM

Lace Dress - Primark
Glasses - Emporio Armani

An outfit Post! :)
I tried to do something out of ordinary this time. I can't take those outfit posts in my messy room and with my awkward faces anymore... from now I will try to do something different once in a while.

Today I had a hard photoshoot day with a friend... in the middle of the field, with 40º and no water... But after all, I think we got some great photos :D
By the way, I create a new portfolio site for my work yesterday!
You can check it here:

p.s. and I just updated my shop today - Something Imaginary


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3 comentários

  1. Adoro o vestido. As fotos estão um máximo <3


  2. Ooh ooh ooh I loooooove this!

  3. I love your photos Rita, but I don't agree about what you wrote on 'awkward faces' you're a gorgeous girl and there isn't anything awkward in any of your photos. Keep up the wonderful fashion inspirations!