Tim Walker

7:37 AM

Today I decided to dedicate the post to one of my favorite photographers: Tim Walker.
I know it may be a cliche but I am completely fascinated by this man's work!
His images capture a sublime moment in time, envoking a sense of epic drama and beauty.
Stunning sets and lavish locations juxtapose the everyday with absurd and the fabulous, to create captivating, original photographs.
In short, he has my dream job (Vogue Photographer) and he takes my dreamy pictures.
Well... maybe someday I will be his assistant! *.*

Soon I will post the photos of my holidays in Gibraltar and southern Spain :)
Have a great week


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3 comentários

  1. Thanks for sharing these, his photos are amazing - I love the first one the most! I'll definitely look him up!

  2. Beautiful post Rita! Such a fan of his work also...

  3. As fotos são realmente mt bonitas e criativas. =)