7:38 AM

Today's post is for my boyfriend :)
Because today makes 2 years we are together, and I couldn't be happier about that!
I can say nothing changed between us over this years
well ... exept that:

LOL it's weird how we look so different!

I will take this perfect time to share the photos of our trip to "Gerês" last week :)
This lovely trip was my birthday present for my boyfriend... and I can't say how much I like it!
I'd never been in Gerês before, it is a really beautiful place, with amazing landscapes. It really worth a visit!

We rent a motorboat to go across the river.

We visit some lovely abandoned villages.

And we did "kartcross" through the hills.

Today I noticed how long I didn't make outfit posts! I will try to post something in the next days ;)

Have a great week


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5 comentários

  1. Congratulations! You two are so cute :)

  2. Happy Anniversary... what a lovely place to visit and you both are an adorable couple Rita!

  3. parabéns ao amor!! e parabéns pelo teu cantinho inspirador! gostei imenso das fotos! estou a seguir-te!

    aproveito para te dar a conhecer os meus blogs:

    beijinhos! Seguidora Miranda

  4. obrigada pelo comentário! ^^ É no porto, um lugar abandonado á beira rio.

    xxx kissmequick

  5. HEHE; mori, amt mt mt mt. BGd por teres postado sobre nos. foram os melhores 2 anos da minha vida estes que passamos. e espero que continuem a ser. Continua com o bom trabalho na fotografia ;)