7:09 AM

My friends Catarina and Mafalda from Lisbon, that I meet on school, had come to Évora for the week to visit.
Évora is a small city located in "Alentejo" (is like the "country side" of Portugal were nothing happens) and is always very hot this time of year (like 40º)
There isn't an awful lot to do in Évora, our week involved showing them my little town, taking them to my favorite spots, the museums, monuments, swimming pool, go out at nigth and of course taking mannyy pictures!
Was a really nice week :)

On Wednesday I'm going to "Gibraltar" with my family spend some days... I never been there, Hope there are many things to take pictures :D

I'll be back soon


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2 comentários

  1. Tu és uma grande fotógrafa sabias? És sim senhor.

  2. Gorgeous photos Rita... obviously a fun weekend!

    PS. Thank you so much for the necklace, it arrived yesterday and I can't wait to wear it.