Once was home...

10:05 AM

Las week I was surfing on the internet when I discovered heinrick ingenson Flickr gallery. He has the most beautiful photos of abandoned places that I ever seen!
I am really fascinated by these places and things left by people long ago ... it shows pieces of lifes that were left behind... so sad and so beautiful at the same time.

This year on school I've made a photography project named "In Ruins", about these theme (you can check my work HERE). I've spent weeks searching about abandoned places in my area but I didn't find anything really good ( as you can see -.-').

When I saw this amazing photos I stayed a little bit jealous... it made me want to travel around the world in search of amazing places like these were I could photograph +.+ ( and maybe bring some wallpaper and furniture with me! ahah )

This places always make me curious about the people and stories that were once a part of it.
What about you?
Do you know any abandoned places in your area?
I'd love to hear some stories! ^^

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4 comentários

  1. Ooooh, wow, very interesting.
    I've jumped a few fences to get into this old burnt down house in my town. It was pretty eerie, like all the furniture was still in there and the woman's make-up, a birthday card and there was a room just full of old bottles and things! Turns out it had been an insurance fraud case, so at least no one was hurt.
    I've been around another old burnt down house too, another insurance fraud I think, and it was pretty interesting, but it was all boarded up so we couldn't get in. None of them were intact like this though!

  2. Wow! Love your blog and a great post! I found you through Gabbi's Felino Felice...

  3. Meu Deus, este fotógrafo é perfeito! :D

    Perguntaste-me onde eram os meus sítios abandonados e bem... tenho uma espécie de speak no evil policy, mas posso dizer-te que ficam todos para os arredores de Viseu. :) Os únicos que me recuso a revelar são o primeiro e o último, so... se estiveres para fazer uma visita, deixa uma mensagem e ainda te faço companhia! LOL

    (porque then again, não conheço mais ninguém que se divirta com sítios abandonados)