Ages without blogging... again!

8:22 AM

It seems that I suddenly disapeared again :X
I've been really busy with photography projects at school...Actually I can't complain about that because is what I really love to do =) But I did not had much time left for bogging ...
Anyway, Now that I finished all my final works I'm a little more free :D Although only end classes on July =/

Well, I came back with some news...
First of all I have a new Blog where I will sale acessories, clothes,bags and other stuff that I make... In "Something Imaginary" you can buy unique pieces handmade with love.~

I will soon make a GIVE AWAY with some stuff of my store!

So please keep checking back =)

I now I will finnaly show one of my final works, in which I've been working hard in last weeks:

"Fairy Tales"

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  1. É impossível não adorar o capuchinho vermelho. As fotos ficaram fantásticas. Parabéns =)