Passion Hearts

7:50 AM

Cardigan - Second Hand
Skirt - Mango
Tights - H&M
T bar- Second Hand

Well, I've been a little busy as always ...
I've had several photography works and mostly of them have left me disappointed and really, like all the arts, is a very frustrating area...
Maybe because we spend too much time watching beautiful photos on the internet, and then we realize what we can't do that....or spend hours imagining something in our heads and then don't come out as we wanted...
Anyway... I hope that my next projects run better!
Currently I'm working on a recreation of some fairy tales through fashion photography... I'll tell you more later ;)

By the way anybody can give me a good recipe for waffles? I've lost my usual :( ...I had tried several but don't came out very well...
Thanks *

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6 comentários

  1. aww those tights are so cute! lovely outfit all together really

  2. Those tights are adorable! And I love the shoes, they go perfect with them.

  3. i love those tights and shoes! lovely!

  4. ha those tights are so cute :) you look lovely!

  5. Well you have intrigued me! Love those stockings

  6. Beautiful outfit and adorable tights Rita! I know what you mean about getting frustrated when it comes to studying art... I paint for fun and when I try to find direction or inspiration by visiting museums I only manage to get myself depressed by how uncreative or talented it makes me feel. But I think that's just part of being an artist don't you think? It makes you strive for more. Also, about the waffles... I highly recommend Martha's recipes and tips *HERE*.