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2:53 PM

Hey Sweethearts. I've been away from bloging again I'm so sorry :s I've been really busy with photography works this weeks. I have a work for next week about self-portrait... I have to deliver 20 photos for my teacher... and I've been thinking and thinking about creative ideias to do 20 self-portraits about myself... Finaly I had some ideias, in which I've been working hard! Taking creative photos of my self is not an easy job... requires much patience with the self timer and all of that... something that I actually don't have. XD Well... Next week I'll show you some results of my work! I promisse :)
Anyway... Te following photos where taken by my lovely boyfriend about a month ago ( :X ), however ... I don't have anything more fresh at this moment....
This must have been the last time that I wore shorts without tights this year...Fortunately!!! Because my snow white legs are't something that I'm pround XD lol

Shirt - Pull&Bear
Shots - H&M
Shoes - Pull&Bear

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  2. Rita, your class sounds like such fun! I look forward to seeing the end results and I also love the photograph of you and your boyfriend... very sweet!♥