First day

2:40 PM

Finally is official!! I'm living in Lisbon! :D
In ways i'd love to be back home in my cozy room but it's all so different here. It's awesome to live off my parent's house and in a big city. I felt so liberal and autonomous today when I was travel to school alone in my new world ...
Today was my first day in my new school (photography school) and I loved... I'm really exciting to begin my classes for real tomorrow.
Soon I'll post some photos of my lovely apartment *.*
For now I will show a few photos from a photoshoot that I did with a friend of mine 2 weeks ago.

Thank you lovely Nadja ♥

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2 comentários

  1. Great photos Rita! Especially the last one of the shoe and Congratulations on your new move! It sounds extremely exciting. I really look forward to the work you do through school!

  2. gosto tanto das fotos *.*

    boa sorte em lisboa ;) agora ja podes ir a feira da ladra e a outra face da lua (se bem que a ultima n seja grande coisa...)

    hehe q sorte^^