Polka Dotted Skirt

1:04 PM

Last month I made a project to transform this simple polka dotted skirt in this beautiful skirt jumpsuit! +.+
I had this long skirt originally from "Mark's & Spencer" that I bought in 2nd hand by a very low price, I decided to cut the bottom off because it was too long for me...Then I realized I had enough material left to make suspenders! The icing on the cake was two lovely red bows :D
That's the result :



Shirt - Mango
Skirt - originally by M&S
T-Bar - 2nd hand

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1 comentários

  1. awwww os lacinhos sao adoraveis *.* tenho tantas saudades de ter projectos para fazer... mas nao tenho tempo BLEH em vez disso tenho de andar a fazer aparelhos e a tirar caries xD