What I woore yesterday

1:01 PM

Hi lovelies!
I spent a few boring days at home this week... Because my boyfriend has been busy pacticing with is band in their garage! They will give a show in next Wednesday...
And as a boring, geek and anti - social person that I am I spend my last days of Holidays at home... watching movies and eating Pringles ( I should be studing for my driving/code test... but anyway).
This month I will start university (oh god I'm ollldddd)... I'm a little scared... I don't know anybody in my university...but I will survive :)
Anyway...here's what I wore yesterday:

Floral Top - Pull&Beer
Shorts - Pull&Beer
Belt - Pull&Beer
(omg I was sooo pull&Beer yesterday xD)
Bag - MSK
Shoes - Pinkie
Last week I took some promotional photos at my Boyfriend's Band! That I just uploand to my FLICKR. I hope you like! Was really funny! ^^
You can visit the Band's Website too.
Well..now I'm going out with my best friends :)

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3 comentários

  1. Great outfit and I also really like the promotional photos you took of your boyfriend's band! Hope you don't mind but I requested you as a contact.

    Wishing you a great weekend!♥

  2. lovely bag.


  3. I love the print on that top! Cute.