Nautical Outfit

10:59 AM

Today I changed my hair color:

ahah yes now I'm Redhead!
I like to chage my color once in a while... I get easily bored!
And that's what I wore today:

Nautical Shirt - Top Shop
Shorts - Pull&Bear
Shoes - Pinkie
Colar - Birthday gift from my boyfriend

Tomorrow I will have a really bussy day (finally! :D )!
In the morning I will take some artistic nude photos to a friend of mine! I'm really excited, is a really importante experience for a hopeless photographer like me ahah I hope getting a nice result :D
This is one of my favourite photographers of artistic nude. I wish I could do something like that!
In the afternoon I will have driving lessons and then I will see the concert that my boyfriend's band (under ride) will give and take some photos there too :D

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7 comentários

  1. thank you so much sweetie! I love your t-shirt (L)

  2. Amazing top Rita and I love the way your hair turned out! Looks very pretty.

    Artistic nudes sound interesting, I've drawn nude models in the past but never photographed.

    Much luck and have fun!♥

  3. Your hair color seems so fun, it looks great! Have fun with your photoshoot, I hope all goes swell.


  4. love your new hair color
    soooooooo good on you
    wow, you must be an amazing photographer to be shooting such an advanced subject!!!! good luck with the results too!!

  5. I love the hair color! That top is so cute :)

  6. AWWWWWWWWW^^ ruivo é a melhor cor de sempre^^ estou a ver que encontraste uma tinta boa^^

    (btw, fui a H&M, e ha o teu tamanho :D)

    (e o vesatido da tua imagem de perfil é PERFEITO!!!)

  7. que blusa tão bonita! :) e desejo-te muito boa sorte com a sessão fotográfica, espero ver os resultados ^^

    obrigada pelo comentário e pela empatia!

    um beijinho <3