My Blueberry Nights

11:02 AM

Today I spent another boring day at home! I cleared up my room and I watched a movie: " My Blueberry Nights". This movie is so cute that I decided to share it :)

If you like Love Stories, Blueberry Pies, Jude law and you dream with a Kiss like that... I totally recomend it for you! :D

Who doesn't like to receive beautiful packages at home?
I love it!

I think is a shame that sending letters is unfashionable nowadays! I love to send and receive mail, expecially letters from far away! I think is magical ... is like a menssege that traveled around the world just to get you.
Anyone wants to send me a letter? :D ahah
Anyway... all of that just to say that today I received a lovely package from ebay...
This gorgeous cardigan from H&M that I wanted for so longgg +.+

Have a lovely week! ^^

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4 comentários

  1. I love Jude Law and I love a good romantic film! Will have to find.

    Also, I adore your new sweater. Too cute!

  2. omgggg jude law
    soooo sexy
    i'm totally going to try and find this movie
    i just got netflix, so this will have to be one of the first i check out!

  3. aww i think it's a great movie looking from the poster . haha . and great sweater you got ! :D

  4. What a cute blog you have!!! :D
    Thank you for stopping by! I can't tell you what a pleasure it is, to put a face with the buyer ^_^