Change of Plans

3:01 PM

I'm sorry sweethearts, I know I've been away from my blog lately! But happens something completely unexpected to me ... I was soo secure that I will enter on university here in my town, but I didn't, I didn't enter anywhere! And now I have to wait until next year to enter on university. So, basically, I have a year off... and I spent the last few days thinking and thinking about what to do this year!
Finnaly I decided! I'm moving to the Capital (Lisbon) next month, and I will spend this year taking a Professional Photography Course in "IPF Lisboa"... Is something that I always wanted to do.. and now is the perfect time!
So I've been really bussy trying to finnish my driving lessons, looking for apartments in Lisbon... that kind of things... I will live in the same house with my 2 best friends! I'm really excited!
Anyway...I'll be back as soon as possible with more interesting stuff I promisse xxxx

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5 comentários

  1. Pseudinha!

    Fico muito feliz por aproveitares essa oportunidade de realizares esse sonho!

    Depois quero saber as novidades todas!

    Beijinho grande :)

  2. Congratulations Rita!!! That sounds amazing, can't wait to hear and see more about it.♥♥

  3. ohhh =/ ainda me lembro de como foi concorrer para a universidade, é sempre um stress , e nunca se fica onde se quer =/
    tenho a certeza que para o ano entras onde quiseres^^

    e boa sorte em lisboa!!! quem me dera *.*

    (btw, recebeste o meu mail?)

  4. btw, estava a ver os posts do sotao e vi um lj que te pode interessar:

    ela esta a vender uma maquina fotografica antiga!

  5. That photography course sounds so cool! Good for your for taking advantage of the opportunity this year presents :)