10 Things About Me

3:30 PM

10 things about me that you didn't know:

1. My dream is to be a sucessful photographer someday! I want to spend my life travelling around the world capturing imortal images of my vision of the world!
2. I'm completely and madly in love with this boy! We are dating for 1 year ... he's my universe!

3. I wear contact lenses since I was 13 years old.... I have a reaallyyy huge lack of vision. And I hate wearing glasses!
4. I recently adicted to all kind of Vintage Stuff! Clothes, music, hair, photos, objects and I always had a strange fetish for abandoned houses.... I love old stuff that reminds me the past... I always lived more in the past than present!
5. I collect old vintage cameras. I love it!

6. I loveeeee Italian food!
7. I write a looooot in my Diary! He is my best and reliable friend.... I used to write songs when I was younger.

8. When I was about 14 years old I had a freaky sense of fashion! Some people used to call me EMO... err... I don't know... I think I just loved stripes too much xD

9. I'm really shy when I meet somebody. I'm awfully insecure in relationships and is so dificult for me to talk with someone about my feelings.
10. My favourite band is MUSE.

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5 comentários

  1. Great list Rita! I love the Emo look you sported :) so cute. Hey, doesn't your boyfriend have a band? Isn't that the favorite?(!!!)

  2. deixa la, acho que todas nós tivemos uma fase emo durante a adolescencia xD eu tb colecciono maquinas fotograficas antigas! tenho uma que era do meu pai quando era novo e a primeira maquina do meu avô!!
    e eu tb sou mt envergonhada. as pessoas as vezes tomam isso por antipatia =/

  3. i am so complrely jealous of you.
    im completely in love with a boy too - who doesnt care about me.
    omggosh i love your hairr, and the outfittt tres hot.

  4. Cool list! I love vintage cameras, too. I'm definitely on the look-out for more.

  5. I would love to see your camera collection :)