Outfit from London plus Stuff

1:11 PM

Hi Sweethearts!

Here's an outfit that I brought from London! Maybe a little formal but I love the pencil polka doted skirt and I have a crush for puff sleeved blouses I can't avoid it.
I discovered Pirmark: The Heaven for poor students like me! +.+
I was in oxford street's Top Shop as well but unfortunately I could afford anything :(
I apologize my boring photos, always in my messy room :/ Later I'll try to take better photos on my backyard, now it's tooooo hoottt.

Blouse - H&M
Pencil Skirt - Primark
T-Bar - Primark

I could not resist bringing some souvenirs for myself as well !!
Take a look :

London Snowglobe: I love snowglobes with cities on the inside... they look so magical! I'm thinking about starting a collection!

Tea: I love English tea +.+

My crown jewels : I went to see the crown jewels on the tower of London, and I could resist at this lovely earings on a gift shop.

French Can Can panties: I always wanted one of these. And I junst can't resist lingerie!

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2 comentários

  1. Great London buys! I especially love the shoes... :)

  2. I love that skirt! The ruffle is so nice. I'm so envious of you for going to London :)