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As I promised here's some lovely photos of my perfect trip to London this month!
This is the 2nd time I visit London and I definitely want to come back again some day. I always had this romantic crush for London, I think I just was born in the wrong place...I love cosmopolitan European cities... and London is undoubtedly my favorite.
Most of people cant stand the crowds and noise and pace, and prefer the peace in here and the hot summer... I don't! I just love the buzz! I love having a lot of places to go... to shopping. I love the cloudy sky and the rain.... I love the tube and feel the mix of cultures accents and languages! I hate the boredom and the monotony in here!
My trip was just perfect! I stayed for 2 weeks! I went with a friend on a summer english course... we had 3h of english classes in the morning. The classes were really funny and useful to improve my English speaking!
In the Afternoon we visited lots of important places... the London eye, the tower of London, the national history museum, the sea life, the convent garden, chinatown, the london bidge, Piccalilly Circus, Candemtown, London Dungeon, Hyde park, Buckimgham Palace.... we also shopping on Oxford Street, we had an tradictional afternoon tea and breakfast, we spent a lot time on starbucks coffe and we traveled a loottt by tube and red bus!
Anyway... Now I'm back to my boring, hot and little town, here in Portugal and I already miss London !

Today I'd like to introduce you the lovely girl of this blog, she has a very cute style! Visit her:
She mentioned my blog in in her most recent post ^^ (Obrigado**)
In my next post I will show you a few things that I brought from London. :)
Have a great weekend

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4 comentários

  1. olá Ritaa! :) não sabia se havia de escrever em português ou em inglês, mas como também vives em Portugal, julguei que fosse melhor :) obrigada pelo teu comentário, eu também gosto muito da Alice ^^

    gosto muito das tuas fotografias :) e adoraria visitar Londres, também. tenho que ver o teu deviantart (já vi que tens um) :)


  2. Lovely photographs, clearly a great trip! Must visit one day soon... if only for the cookies :)

  3. sei exactamente o que queres dizer. eu sou de coimbra, fui para o 1º ano em barcelona e agr estou a 2 anos no degredo de Viseu. ODEIO isto aqui. Tenho a certeza que nasci no sitio errado: a minha familia é de Brighton, o meu aspecto nao tem NADA de mediterranico, sou bilingue(ingles/portugues), o meu namorado é ingles e ODEIO o tempo quente. tenho de por protector solar se nao fico cheia de sardas xD

    definitivamente quando acabar o curso ou vou para inglaterra se ainda estiver com o meu namorado, ou para um pais que tenha a cruz nórdica na bandeira xDD

  4. haha na ultima foto tens um saquinho do greggs ^^
    adoro a loja, especialmete os wraps de frango e bacon. numnum