I'm Back!

8:13 AM

Hello Blogs world I'm Back. :D

And I decided to reventate my little space! As you can see I chaged the look to it... and from now I'm going to share with you, not just my photography work, but also my thoughts on fashion, my style, my creations, my ideas, photographys, books that I read, things that I wrote, music, movies, things that make me smile and inspire me... anything...
I’ve been creating Blogs and Flogs for myself since I was about 13 years old. I always loved having my own little piece of the internet and share my world and my thoughts.
I think Blogging is a great form of communication and i hope to publish things that may inspire people around the world.
Now that I finished college i’ve got a bit more free time, however I don't intend necessarily to update this regularly or to feel any real duty to my readers.
Well... hope you like it
and feel free to coment and give your opinions ;)

Top - Pull&Bear
Skirt - was from my mom when she's my age lol.. so I have no idea xD
Shoes - some local charity shop

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