3:39 AM

As I promised, here's more photos from my project work about "20th century fashion history". This is my favourite decade. :)
I present you Marta Pacheco from 50's.
And this charming car is from my grandfather, I totally love it.
hope you like my photos ;)

Check all the photos of this session here: http://anaritad40.deviantart.com/
Dont miss the 80's tomorrow!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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4 comentários

  1. Wow wow wow! The 50s are my favorite decade. These are stunning! If I had that car, I would die and go to Heaven. I love old-looking cars :)

  2. Great decade and post dear Rita! I love your project and your grandfather's car :) Looking forward to seeing the 80's!

  3. gorgeous photos!
    I love the second last one :)
    very pretty dress. lovely stuff!

  4. Stunning dress, wish I had one! Beautiful photos too :)