December 2, 2015

Traveling // Venice

Last week I spent two days in Venice with my boyfriend.
Venice is a really touristic city, expensive and full of tourist traps. We avoided all the main expensive attractions and decided to just walk around and get lost on the tiny picturesque streets. We walked around the traditional neighborhoods, we visited some street markets, amazing mask ateliers, the island of Murano and we managed to eat some real good Italian food.
Venice is beautiful and undoubtedly a perfect place to be in love!

December 1, 2015

Traveling // Barcelona

Barcelona was always on my top list to visit for years, but I always ended going somewhere else instead.
Since one of my best friends here in England is originally from Barcelona I decided that would be the best time to do this trip.
I spent 4 days in Barcelona which is more than enough do go everywhere and enjoy the city.
I walked around the center of the city, I explored all the little streets, "Las ramblas", The gothic quarter, the markets and so on. And I had way too much "tapas" and good food !
In the last day I went to the top of Tibidabo mountain at the sunset. It's a lovely place, and undoubtedly the best view from the city.
Unfortunately it's a really expensive city, I was on a low budget so I couldn't afford enter the museums or even the Guell Park...Maybe next time!

Traveling // Budapest

I know I abandoned this blog for many months and I  never expected I would have comments in the first hours after I publish the previous post. Thank you so much sweet people for your lovely words and support ! :)
I'm going to make a big effort to keep the blog updated from now, I now it is important to keep taking some pictures and let my creativity flow once in a while. So let's start with my latest travels.
In September I visited Budapest for the second time (I've been there two years ago during my Interrail through Eastern Europe). My flatmate was from Budapest so I thought that would be interesting to have a second impression of this beautiful city. 
Zsofia took me to her favorite places and I could eat some traditional food (Lángos, Gulyás soup , Nokedli , Kurtoskalács and many more) and also I could experience for the first time the famous thermal baths Szechenyi Bath
It was really good to come back to Budapest and a completely different experience from the first time!

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